So You’re Moving Into a New Apartment?


No one likes moving and if you ask people what they dislike about it, it is typically packing and unpacking. There really is something exciting about moving into a new place. It can be close or far away, but the idea of making new memories is a good one. You will also be leaving memories behind though and excitement, nostalgia, and manual labour do not go well together. Pizza and beer after the move go very well together, so keep your money and your marbles together with some clever moving hacks.

For Renters

  • This one has been around forever: fill holes in the wall with toothpaste. If the person doing the walkthrough misses the minty fresh smell in the air, they cannot charge for the holes in the wall.
  • Defrost the fridge a day in advance to help you and your old landlord. Get everything out and put it in a cooler or your friend’s fridge and make sure it does not smell like the leftovers you never ate.
  • To avoid any additional fees for damage, put towels under heavy items to slide them. This keeps the floor safe and gives you something to pull on.
  • Use toilet paper rolls to keep your cords from tangling.
  • Use sandwich bags for important things like screws and -this is so important- label the bags! Whenever possible have one container to hold the bags, but at least you can avoid trying to figure out what goes to what when setting up.
  • Call your mother.

For those moving into their first place

  • Yes, they give you a handy little sheet to list all of the flaws in your new place, but what if you miss something? Everyone has cameras these days to take pictures of every little thing. You may be tempted to only take snaps of the things you would put on your list, but think bigger. You may not see something until you have already started moving things in. If you take pictures of the whole room and more in segments, you can file them away for if you move out later.
  • You will need things. You will need a lot of things at some point, but first, you need a place to sleep, a plate, a bowl, a spoon, and a fork. Also, a cup or bottle so that you can avoid running water directly into your mouth. Do not make the mistake of going into debt to furnish and decorate your apartment. Get things free or cheap off of online sales groups. Invite people over so that they can see that you need things and they may gift them to you or pass on their old stuff. Save your money for the bills that are coming.
  • Speaking of money, save all receipts. Hold on to any and all receipts for moving costs. You may be able to deduct some things on your taxes.
  • Call your mother.

Moving is stressful. There are apps and movers to help with all of it. There are also tons of ways to do it on your own for less. And make sure you have pizza even if you cannot legally purchase beer. It is good for morale and energy.