Two Common Performance Issues Related to AC Repair

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So many things can go wrong with your air conditioning system. If you have some knowledge about how the whole system works, you may be able to find and fix the issue on your own. In other cases, it is better to call in an expert to handle AC repair in a safe and efficient way. Nevertheless, you can certainly handle some common issues without the help of a pro.

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Poor Airflow from the Unit

Many people complain about poor airflow from the vents and it could be due to a number of underlying problems.  A dirty air filter is the most common cause, but it could also happen due to dirty or blocked ductwork. To resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Check the air filter first. You will find it in the air handler. Ensure that it is perfectly clean. If you think it is less than perfect, you should consider cleaning it or you should replace it to improve the performance of your air conditioning system.
  • Check the ductwork carefully. You need to ensure that there is nothing crimped or disconnected in here. You should be very careful when checking the ductwork in the hard-to-reach basement, attic, or crawl space areas. If you find any issue, you should repair it. When not sure about what to do, it is better to ask a technician handle the AC repair task.
  • Pay attention to register dampers on vents. Sometimes, you think there is an issue with your air conditioning unit but you may not be getting enough air because of those blocked register dampers on vents. Check them and ensure that they are open.

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In addition to poor airflow, many people often complain about an air conditioner that fails to dehumidify air as efficiently as it should be. You may experience this issue when your AC system is a bit too large for your house. You may have an oversized AC system if you always notice that it fails to dehumidify adequately. You experience the problem because the system cools the air fast, and when it happens, the thermostat gets into the action and shuts off the system.

If you really have an oversized air conditioning system, the only realistic solution is to replace the unit as well as the coils with a right-sized system. Unfortunately, it is not always the best solution, and in that case, you can try to increase the load by air conditioning your basement or garage.  However, before you decide to make any of these changes, it is a good idea to let a specialist have a look at it and determine the exact problem. Just ensure that you conduct some research and hire the most experienced person for AC repair. Not all of them have the experience to pinpoint what is causing problems in your case. So, take your time and always work with a pro!