“Macho” Qualities – Scientifically Proven

The fact that women are attracted to men look “macho” with strong chin and broad face, one thing is known. Now new research suggests that these men do not just rely on muscle and aggression

In fact, researchers say, people with wide faces are more prone to sacrifice for the team they belong to. The research comes to prove that the general opinion of people about macho men is wrong. If you are among those who believe that these individuals are uncooperative, cold and even rogue, the scientific evidence come to contradict.

Exposure to high levels of testosterone during intrauterine life can lead to the development of a fetus that, at maturity, will have a wider front, inspiring masculinity through small eyes and strong chin. These features are starting to become more noticeable puberty, when testosterone levels rise in the boys’ bodies. Because testosterone is associated with aggression, some men with wider faces are considered violent or warriors.

causes of testosterone

Because they considered that the association between these individuals and violence is just a coincidence, scientists at the University St. Andrews, UK, conducted a study in which subjects received money in order to use them in a team game. The money could be used for them, or could be “sacrificed” to help the whole team. Half the participants were told that their results will be compared with other teams at the University St. Andrews, while the remaining subjects were warned that their results will be compared with their rivals of some students at the University of Edinburgh.

The results showed that the higher the man’s face was wider, the country it less willing to cooperate where it was compared with a colleague from the same university. But when faced with a rival university competitive, macho men became very competitive, being willing, more than other participants to sacrifice their money for the whole group.

The study results come to show that macho appearance can have both good aspects and bad: although men featured very masculine may be generally more aggressive, they can show at the same time warm and skipjack in certain circumstances, such as when it’s about helping teammates.

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