Increasing testosterone levels through sport

Experts believe that an excellent way to increase the level of testosterone is the sport in all its forms, which helps eliminate fat excess (fat tissue convert testosterone into estrogen, the female sex hormone) and building muscle (which helps to supplement testosterone that the body produces).

Regular exercise can play an important role in preventing the negative consequences of low testosterone levels. A study published in the Journal Andrology showed that the 32 men involved in the research, already diagnosed with type II diabetes and testosterone deficiency, have managed to improve male hormone levels in 52 weeks of diet and sport, under the supervision of specialists. This system worked even for participants who have not received testosterone replacement therapy.

It is a known fact that physical movement already has many benefits on the body. Losing weight is one of them, but it was joined by improved bone density and mood, both affected by the low level of testosterone.

Exercise for an optimum level of testosterone

Each type of exercise has its advantages, but experts suggest a specific approach to training for men who are trying to stimulate the production of testosterone (the more if the hormone problem was an obstacle to sustain strenuous workouts in the past).

Resistance training generally has a direct impact on increasing testosterone levels, helping to prevent more symptoms of this hormonal deficiency (tiredness, loss of muscle mass, weakening body strength, decreased sex drive and installing sleep disorders). So, the steps you should take are the following:

– Concentrate on lifting weights. For a big boost in testosterone production, the recommended exercises are weight lifting and resistance workouts that help muscle growth and are more effective than running lane, jogging or cycling.

Call and cardio exercises. Exercises that require the cardiovascular system should not be either ignored them, especially when it comes to the impact they have on weight loss and heart health. They indirectly grow cholesterol levels in the body, so experts recommend combining sessions of aerobic exercise with strength and muscle development.

Seek the help of a coach. If you did not exercise regularly in the past and you have a good physical condition, it is best to start training under the guidance of a coach. Fitness professionals will recommend exactly which exercises you need, depending on your age, weight and other health problems that face troublesome symptoms (fatigue, sleep disorders etc.).

Carefully select the time of day to do sport. Testosterone levels vary from time to time of day (usually morning is higher and lower in the afternoon). The researchers found that strength training can have a stronger effect on testosterone in the evening. In conclusion, the results that you expect after sports program are expected to be even better if your workout schedule is in the second half of the day, not morning.

Work as many muscle groups at the same time. When requesting more muscle groups during strength exercises, you help the body more to effectively supplement testosterone production.

Use heavy. Instead of using lower weights and more repetitions to perform, try to lift as heavy and fewer repetitions executed.

Take short breaks between reps – This way allows muscles to remain at a higher degree of stress and the amount of testosterone is supplemented better.

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